Lana SandsMy love for fashion started at an early age, sewing my dolls’ clothing by hand and then at age 8 graduating to machine sewing my first pair of palazzo pants under my mother’s guidance. I eventually moved to Los Angeles and entered the Santa Monica City College Fashion Design and Merchandising program, and continue to passionately work in the industry today.

Over my career, I have worked in a broad spectrum of fashion companies including Nordstroms, Angel boutique (an extension of Wendy Foster), Planet Blue, DIANI boutique, and collaborated with local boutiques such as Daniel Gibbings Jewelry and Julianne Boutique, as a Style Consultant. I currently am working as a regional stylist for Oscar De La Renta and am managing lifestyle brand Goop at the Miramar Resort. I feel fortunate to have worked with exceptional people and continue to work with and be inspired by powerful, creative women.

While successfully managing Planet Blue in Santa Monica for 5 years, I helped assist many Hollywood studio head stylists like Julie Block (How I Met Your Mother) and Kelly Jones (Sons of Anarchy, 90210).

My time in Los Angeles was a very special time for me. I loved my boss Ling-Su Chinn at Planet Blue. Seeing her enthusiasm and determination still inspires me today. Her confidence in me really helped me realize my love for fashion and people. I truly took it all in when living in Los Angeles, and brought back a little LA edge to Santa Barbara, my hometown.

While managing DIANI Boutique Shoes for the past 7 years (in addition to assistant managing DIANI Clothing and DIANI Living), I realized my love for people and style has always kept me in this industry.  The unique relationships that continue to grow with each of my clients is very special to me. We all go through transitions in our lives and whether we are on an upswing or down, seeing someone gain confidence and feel good about themselves is one of my main goals. There is nothing more pleasurable to me than helping someone feel good about themselves and seeing a more beautiful you come together — that is coming full circle for me and the moment I love most!  Confidence and style go hand and hand and if I can help you realize that, we are winning.